Tuesday, June 11, 2019

5 Things You Need for a New Puppy from Amazon and Meet My New Puppy - Stormi Loo!

I’ve been MIA due to the fact that I got a new puppy! It is impossible to get all of them to sit still as you can see here! 🐾 

Everyone meet Stormi! She is my little 2.8 lb fireball.

Stormi is literally my wild child, she runs around and bites everyone’s feet. Ellie is my sweet, happy and calm middle child. And Juicy is my first born, entitled, bratty daughter that has my heart. I was NOT shopping for another dog, my friend was. However, when I saw Stormi’s face I knew I had to have her. I’m stopping at 3 before I become a crazy dog lady. I love their different little personalities and can't imagine not having them.

Now, if you plan on getting a puppy these are my 5 MUST haves and I've made it super simple and linked everything from Amazon Prime for you in pink below! 

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