Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Pool Essentials and an Amazon Maxi Dress for Summer!

Summer is in full effect in Florida and let me tell you it is HOT! New York summers got pretty warm but when you walk outside here it is rough. Within minutes, my makeup is sweating off and my hair is very lioness. I do love to be in the water though. My family had a boat when I was a child and we spent every single weekend going to the inlet and tubing. We had a tube named "Big Bertha" I will never forget! My greatest memories of my childhood were on the boat or in our pool. When I was 12 and moved to New York I lost that. But, good news is I'm back around water! I was actually thinking about buying a jetski the other day! I would love a boat but realistically I would probably ruin the propeler in the sand haha So, because Summer is here I thought I would share with you my pool/boat essentials that I will not leave the house without. 

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Everything is linked here just click on the titles:

And everyone, PLEASE, always wear sunglasses that block UV rays. I'm right now going through an eye melanoma scare so be safer than I was! 

I linked a few good ones here:

Stay Safe in the Sun 
xo, Kasi

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