Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Beauty Alert - Louboutin Lipstick

The iconic shoe designer who started designing handbags moved into the ever growing beauty business. Christian Louboutin first launched the brand Nail Polish last year - jaws dropped at how beautiful his new creation was. The attention to detail and the structure of the bottle was insane ... but would we ever expect less from Mr. Louboutin?

Well I have the newest and latest beauty news - Christian Louboutin will leave us breathless again with the new lipstick line. Said to be coming out this Fall 2015, the line of 36 colours comes in a bullet that completes destroys any lipstick tube I've ever seen before. Inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertit, these bullets are black or gold and contain jewels and crown top that has a loop at the top. But it doesn't stop there that loop is there for a reason - you can make into a fierce statement necklace when your lip shade is finito. One tube will set you back a whopping $90 but can you resist? Let me know your thoughts!

I salute you AGAIN Christian Louboutin - you are an inspiring and innovative man.

Day dreaming of these beauties until September which then I will be able to match my lips with my nails to the bottom of my shoes.

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