Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brow Transformations and Eyebrow Tips

Brows are everything - they can make or break you. Each and every person has their own shape that frames your face, this is why stencils don't work! Here are some helpful tips for having amazing brows ...

1. STOP waxing - seriously stop the madness. You don't know how many clients I know that have had their eyebrows ruined from waxing. Waxing always takes off more hair than it should and isn't as accurate. 
2. Let your brows grow at least 3 weeks before your first shaping.
3. Get your brows shaped every 2-3 weeks. If you have fast hair growth you will need to go sooner. Don't wait too long though because then you start to lose the shape you wanted so badly.
4. When filling in your brows waxes and pencils are great for creating an illusion of hair that isn't there. Powders are good just to enhance what you already have - no matter what you should ALWAYS fill in your brows.
5. Not growing?? Try using castor oil or coconut oil

Here are some of my before and after shapings ... 

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