Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Recap: Top 5 Best Instagram Beauty Posts From Last Week

Happy Spring! April showers really do bring on May flowers. This whole week in New York it is raining. At least I'll get some use out of my favorite Stewart Weitzman rain boots!

Enough about the rain, let's talk about beauty! I love finding new inspiration and new pages to follow on Instagram. The talent that others have is incredible. It's also fun to see a product photographed beautifully. Most accounts that I follow are beauty, health, or fashion related. Even if I am not following them, I check so many makeup artists and bloggers daily. If you want to see who I follow head to my page @prettyinnewyorkcity

These are my top 5 beauty posts from last week

1. @_dose_of_beauty
When I saw this I was in awe! Everyone's version of art is different - this is mine! This was hand done using only makeup on her forearm. It amazes me how talented someone can be to recreate an entire eye and look at that brow!

2. @elymarino

I am obsessed with the new Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lips.They are so creamy yet so pigmented! I love this picture of the shades from light to dark with the bright blue pool in the background. 

3. @sarahmcgphoto

This reminded me of a look I did for Halloween at the MAC counter. My client was being some sort of super hero but I contoured her face in color! I love contouring in color for runway, pictures, or parties it's so fun and avant garde!

4. @ingalala_
@MakeupByAriel worked her magic. The lip color and the brows are amazing. But seriously though, lash game on FLEEK! There are @LillyLashes in Milan and Sky. 

5. @beautylookbook

Beauty Look Book is a smaller blog that often has really cute pictures. I chose this picture because I hand selected these colors for the blog and mailed them to her from Burberry! I love how she photographed them over the flowers but you are still able to see the lipstick shade. Plus, it's always nice to see my work online!! These lipsticks are from the Kisses collection and can be found on Burberry.com 

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