Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Shopping Outfit of the Day ... OOTD

Hi Beauties!

I have been in such a blah mood recently. I need to get more motivated because I start my internship again soon! I think it's the cold weather. It has been brutal outside. I am currently in the works of making some beauty products but more details on that later.

On to more fun things to talk about ... shopping! I had to go to the mall to get mascara, pay a bill, and to get a pair of sneakers that I desperately needed to work out in. I wanted to get some ankle boots but I am waiting until they go on sale (I never buy anything full price - unless it's designer and I know it's either going to sell out or not go on sale.)

I wanted to show you a glimpse of what I wear when I go shopping, I haaaate when girls wear heels or tight jeans when they are going to do a lot of walking and probably going to be trying clothes on. It's not cute!!!!! Anyway, I think you should be comfortable. This is what I wore to the mall the other day.

Jacket: Helmut Lang .. from Fall '14 but similar here
Sweatpants: H&M 
Scarf: H&M ... similar here
Coffee: Starbucks obviously!

Click read more below to see what I bought and more pictures!

The shirt hanging next to me is something I brought home with me from Nordstrom. Outfit details on how to style that shirt are to come! 

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