Friday, November 7, 2014

Introducing .. Burberry Holiday Festive Winter Glow Collection

The Winter Glow Festive Collection is inspired by the crisp air and soft light of winter. It can include limited edition shades and beautiful gold packaging. It illuminates skin, enhances eyes with a shade of gold, and lips and nails can include festive hues. 

New to the collection is Gold Glow, a Limited Edition Fragranced Luminising Powder infused with notes of My Burberry, the brand’s new timeless fragrance for women.
Inspired by the trench coat and its heritage of British design and craftsmanship. 

I have had my hands on all of these products and they are absolutely gorgeous! The Luminising Powder smells amazing!

This picture was actually taken by me at Burberry! It's a sneak peak of the collection!

GOLD GLOW - FRAGRANCED LUMINISING POWDER - $68       Gold No.01 – New product
FRESH GLOW FLUID - $48                                                                  Nude Radiance No.01

COMPLETE EYE PALETTE - $60                                                     Gold No.25 – New shade

LIP MIST- $33                                                                                      Gold No.217 - New shade         
LIP MIST - $33                                                                                     Oxblood No.214
LIP GLOW - $29                                                                                  Gold No.25 - New shade
LIP GLOW - $29                                                                                  Oxblood No.23

NAIL POLISH - $22                                                                              Gold No.447 - New shade
NAIL POLISH - $22                                                                                     Oxblood No. 303
Now available at Burberry and Nordstrom

Happy Friday!!
xo, KC

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