Thursday, October 30, 2014

Best Essie New Fall Collection Color and Shoes to Match!

Welcome to my NEW blog! To kick off this brand new name and brand new website I am going to announce my favorite Essie Fall Collection Nail Polish Color. It is called 'For the Twill of It'!

This beauty is an awesome holographic color with reflects of blue, grey, purple, and green. It is a fun lacquer to spice up any outfit. Below is a picture taken with flash on the train to the city, against my Louis Vuitton Wallet. This nail polish can be found at for $8.50 or any local drugstore. Hurry when I checked a local store they were sold out! I was lucky to snag it somewhere else.
And of course my typical outfit can include black, black, oh and more black.  Might I suggest wearing this Essie Nail Polish with a pair of black leggings, a long black loose sweater, and these bad boys!
The bottom and the back matches "For the Twill of It' exactly! These are the NEW 'Wolf Grey' Jordan 13's. They were just released on Saturday and catch them while you can because they will be impossible to find in a few weeks. I am on the phone as we speak trying to get a pair. They are said to be around $135 at Foot Locker.